Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breastfeeding and Insurance

Now there's two words you wouldn't expect in the same sentence! I'm going to do more entries on other unusual subject areas and their relationship to insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Question

I just bought a new house and am deciding whether or not I should rent out my existing townhouse.

Bill May Mandate Insurance Pay For Gastric Bypass

Here comes some good news for Utah! While people are dying while fighting their insurance companies to get weight-loss surgery, a new Bill may mandate insurance companies to pay for Gastric Bypass Surgery.

National Property and Casualty Insurance Agency in Hartford ...

Outstanding Property and Casualty Agency with strong residuals and $700000 in Premium. Owner willing to stay on in sales. Great training. Must qualify with National Agency.

Travel Insurance

I can't see any topics relating to travel insurance, but as its my occupation i would gladly offer any info or advice i can to UK resident travellers on an informal unbias basis. Phil.

Insurance Defense/Bad Faith Salary, 10 years

Looking at an offer of $135000 for small branch office of a mid-sized (90 lawyer) firm that does in... - iak.

DWI Auto Insurance Ramifications

If you are convicted of DWI, auto insurance rates might be affected, but not immediately. Your driving record is checked by insurance companies about once every three years.

Crist Supports Insurance Reform Plans

Gov. Charlie Crist says he’s very optimistic insurance reform plans being hashed out by the Legislature will mean real rate relief for Floridians.

House Fire Hero's Cause Cancellation of Homeowner Insurance

Last October our local news in ran a story about a woman saved by her two Pit Bull Dogs from a house fire.

Regional VP of Territory Sales Banking and Insurance ...

Regional VP of territory sales for a banking and insurance solutions company in Pennsylvania.